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      2019 (the seventh) advanced manufacturing conference set sail
      Column:Company news Time:2018-11-06
      The 2019 (7th) advanced manufacturing conference will be held in Shanghai again from April 25 to 26.

      The 2019 (7th) advanced manufacturing conference will be held in Shanghai again from April 25 to 26. The conference with "AI fu can manufacturing" as the theme, adhering to the "international, professional, advanced, high-end sex", will once again gathered the most influential in the field of global advanced manufacturing scientists and entrepreneurs, and government leaders, around the development direction, with the latest technology trends in the field of advanced manufacturing industry and important cases, cooperation opportunity to deliver a speech and high-level talks. The most authoritative views and consensus will be voiced here, and the most cutting-edge new technologies, new products, new applications and new ideas will be displayed here.

      The general situation of

      1. Time: April 25-april 26, 2019

      2.Location: Shanghai, China

      3.Subject: AI enabling manufacturing


      Scale: 1000+ delegates, 50+ excellent reports, 50+ achievements display,

      50+ media cooperation

      Some hot topics

      New thinking on China's manufacturing industry in the new era

      Industrial ai realizes intelligent manufacturing quality revolution

      Development of new intelligent manufacturing mode in the era of 5G

      Technological innovation drives the development of the advanced manufacturing industry

      Innovation practice of intelligent manufacturing in the era of big data and AI

      To launch the "made in Shanghai" brand

      Build an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing cluster

      The application of AR/VR technology in manufacturing industry

      Construction of intelligent manufacturing standardization system

      Data-driven digital workshop construction

      Artificial intelligence empowers the medical field and creates a new medical model

      Intelligent network car is the trend, artificial intelligence is the future

      "Artificial intelligence + manufacturing" industry development research report "analysis

      Financial innovation will help transform and upgrade "made in China 2025"

      China's manufacturing industry of intelligence, information and engineering education countermeasures

      Scope of attending

      This conference will invite from relevant government departments, industry associations, Chambers of commerce, society, alliance, universities and research institutes, industrial park, the largest state-owned enterprises, China's manufacturing 2025 pilot demonstration enterprises, intelligent manufacturing software and hardware technology, artificial intelligence and other related services, financial services, consulting, certification and other industry, the representatives of the mainstream media and industry media and other professional. The industries involved will focus on automobile, equipment, electronic information, aerospace, Marine industry, light industry, medical and other related industrial chain enterprises.